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  • Mar 21

    Get Google Search Results with PHP

    Want to get all the top google  search results in an array with PHP? Just read on and do it yourself! This script basically outputs the url’s of all the top results of a google search, but it can be modified to output other details also. We will be using the google ajax api in …

    Dec 09

    Is ADSL 3 just around the corner?

    Is ADSL3 the future of home internet? Gadget geeks look forward to version upgrades on smartphones, tablets and laptops every year or so. With new capabilities, new functionality and a new look, newer is always better – or so they say, anyway. But what about home internet? ADSL2 and ADSL2+ have been around for a …

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  • thirteen reasons why ebook
  • Jun 18

    Make Content look Impactful with different Web Design Techniques

    One of the unanimous truths of the web world is that content is the king. However, in order to present this content in the best possible manner, it is important to implement contemporary web designs in the website. A content marketing strategy is incomplete without powerful web design as the World Wide Web is full …

    Jun 17

    Why Your Business Needs An App

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    May 04

    Wireless Broadband Review: Virgin Media

    Although it sounds counterintuitive, it’s necessary to consider all factors when looking for high speed broadband internet service. You need to take into account many things when it comes to choosing the provider. Not every company has coverage in every part of the country. If your location falls outside of a company’s standard zones, it …

    Feb 25

    How Google Make Their Data Centers Better

    Every second of the day, people all over the globe troll the Net with Google’s search engine, log into their Gmail accounts or use a host of other Google products. This means that the servers in the Google data centers are buzzing with activity 24/7 to support loads of services simultaneously. While they constantly look …

    Feb 23

    New Website? 4 Reasons to Ignore Analytics for a Few Months

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  • Feb 21

    10 Must Have Android Apps for 2013

    With your Android device in hand, you’re ready to bust a move and download some apps. With over 700,000 to choose from, how will you know which apps are worth downloading, and which ones will be total busts? Have no fear! We’ve selected what we think are ten of the top Android apps for 2013. …

    Feb 21

    Did you check that it’s plugged in? – How geniuses made the most basic error

    In September 2011, researchers at the OPERA Collaborative – a CERN experiment designed to measure the transmutation of neutrinos from one phase to another – noticed a strange number in their calculations.  The measurements indicated that the neutrinos, shot in a beam from Geneva, Switzerland to Gran Sasso, Italy, were arriving 60 nanoseconds ahead of …

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